Are Video Games Holding Your Child Back?

If video games are starting to take over your child’s life, these Healthy Gamer programs are for your family.

The Best Evidence-Based Approach to Balancing Video Games

Do you have a gamer in your life who is playing "excessive" video games and is slowly disengaging from the real world? It's tempting to blame the video games, but it's not the whole picture. Gamers derive strong (and positive!) senses of accomplishment, community, and identity through gaming.

I've worked with dozens of gamers, and I'll tell you right now: Taking away video games is NOT the answer.

Instead, a gamer-centric approach that creates real-world success is much more powerful. In these Healthy Gamer programs, I will take you step-by-step to help your gamer re-engage with the real world.

The Healthy Gamer Approach Works for Gamers AND Parents

Your relationship is the single most important piece of this. I will take you step-by-step to understanding what is going on in your gamer’s brain and body, so you will be able to successfully engage your gamer in conversations about games before setting clear boundaries that work for both of you.

Our Understand - Talk - Act approach takes you step-by-step to understand first, talk second, and act last. This puts your relationship at the forefront.

Understand exactly what is going on in your child’s brain.

Talk to your gamer using conversational scripts that have worked in real life.

Act according to the plan you create through 16 guided worksheets.

Choose The Best Program For Your Family

How much is too much?

A weekend spent gaming or a few all-nighters don’t set off my alarm bells. In fact, focussing just on time misses the heart of the issue. I’m more concerned about how video games impact any of five key dimensions:

Physical health: disrupted sleep, significant weight gain/loss

Mental health: lack of control over his/her mood

Social health: inability to create or maintain relationships

Emotional health: inability to regulate or express emotions

Real world success: decline in academic and/or extracurricular performance, loss of motivation to do well, or disinterest in the real world

About Dr. Kanojia

Hi! I'm Dr. Alok Kanojia. Most gamers call me Dr. K. I've worked with hundreds of gamers to find balance with gaming and real life.

I'm also a gamer myself. In fact, my gaming almost caused me to fail out of college. Now, I'm faculty at Harvard Medical School, and I specialize in addiction psychiatry. I've also worked with dozens of gamers (including pro gamers) over the past 5 years. I founded Healthy Gamer as the best evidence-based psychiatric approach to balance gaming and real life.

Healthy Gamer programs combine years of experience into actionable programs any family can use: whether you are looking to establish healthy gaming habits early or to take an active role in restructuring your child's relationship with gaming.

Here’s the thing.

Gaming is more than just “fun”.


• Isolated from friends
• Trouble coping with setbacks
• Feel anxious, nervous, uncertain
• Shut down emotionally
• Limited control over life
• Day-to-day is boring, slow, exhausting


• Find online friendships
• Rewarded accomplishments
• Feel comfortable, safe, confident
• No social pressure
• In control of the outcome
• Game is exciting, self-paced, exhilarating

So, our challenge becomes: How do we keep the positives of gaming while making the real world more engaging?

About the Understand - Talk - Act Approach

Your relationship is the single most important piece to this. I will take you step-by-step to rebuild your relationship while understanding what is going on in your gamer’s brain and body. The type of game he/she plays, the types of stressors and support he/she has, and even the kind of dynamic that you and your child have are all crucial things to figure out to best support your gamer. This helps engage your gamer in conversations about games before setting clear boundaries that work for both of you.

"Throughout the Healthy Gamer course, I began to realize how deeply video games affect children. I learned that there were things my son was secretly craving and wanting to fulfill in life. The resource showing the correlation between video game genres with specific personality traits and personal needs was so valuable." - Fiona B., Parent

Dr. Kanojia recognizes the different appeals of video games and focuses on the individual. A personalized approach has given me hope and motivation for a career in medicine. If you are a parent, Dr. Kanojia is the most qualified person to deal with excessive gaming. His Harvard education is one thing, but because he overcame video game addiction himself is why he can see potential in gamers. This is why his treatment is so good. He goes beyond treating video game addiction and helps your child reach full potential in whatever they want to do. If you do work with Dr. K, the biggest thing I would say is be open for change. Be curious about the progress, but also be non-judgmental" -Zach F., Gamer

"It’s not a stretch to say Healthy Gamer has completely turned my life around. Dr. Kanojia really gets what’s it like to be us, the gamers, and he’s made himself an absolute expert in this understudied field. I’m honestly so thankful that I had the opportunity to be part of this program." - Richard W., Gamer

The Healthy Gamer Guarantee

Dr. K’s Promise:

"I have worked with hundreds of gamers, and this approach has helped gamers reclaim their lives and reshape their relationship with video games within about 8 weeks. You each need space to process, breathe and help each other understand where you are coming from.

At the end of 8 weeks, after you have completed each of the videos and exercises, you should see your child start to re-engage with the real world. Remember, we are trying to avoid daily conflict, so progress can sometimes seem slow.

If this program really has not been helpful, you can message us within Teachable for your money back. I will be happy to learn from your experience and strengthen the materials for you and everyone else."